Well Winter is now here since September we have been to 13 Ideal boilers from the ideal icos to Ideal isar and Ideal Logic, it has been a known thing that the ideal boilers have been a poor boiler for years.

The Ideal boilers have had a big problem with the PCB's and user displays failing but more seriously the heat exchangers leak on to the PCB blowing the boards, costing the customers a lot in parts if they chooses to repair the boiler.


The biggest problem  with the ideal boilers is the cost of parts and customers wanting to save money by cutting corners or getting parts them self's, for us to then fit in order to try and reduce the cost and why not these boiler are expensive and brake down a lot, if it is not a PCB failing it is the condensate traps blocking, if not a condensate trap it’s the main heat exchanger leaking or some other fault that cost the earth to fix.

We have so far removed six yes five boilers since September three isar's, two icos, and one logic combination boiler due to the customer getting it fixed by so many companies over the years we advised them to stop wasting money fixing a not so IDEAL boiler and fit something that will at least 5 years without a problem like a Worcester Bosch.

So we have replaced six boilers but what about the other seven? well five of the customer wanted to waste hundreds of pounds on PCB's, gas valves, and a main heat exchanger and the other two boilers well the customers wants to keep the boilers and see if they can get B,G to come and fix it under an insurance scheme.

So IDEAL boilers is not ideal for customers but IDEAL for companies like us who rip them out and fit something decent in its place.


If you have An IDEAL boiler contact us and we will advise you on the best for your needs.