We had a call from one of our customers in Harpenden about there Vaillant ECOMAX 626 not working with an F25 fault code.
An F25 fault code usually indicates is low pressure, which could be anything from an leaking PRV, leaking radiator valve, to a system the was vented of air.
So I took a look at the system all seams fine 1.2 bar pressure no leaks, but the boiler fires up then kettles so off comes the main case going over the basic all seams fine only one thing blocked heat echanger.
After pricing the job the customer wanted a new boiler as this Vaillant has been given them problems for a fews years now,
Fitted the new WorcesterBosch 30 CDI, Magna clean, power flushed the sytem all working nice, I wanted to see just what was wrong with this old vaillant ECOMAX 626, the main heat exchanger was blocked nealry solid, pump spins but the back side for the AAV was full of sludge, the PRV was blocked solid, after seeing all this I was glad we changed the boiler as the main heat exchanger has small splits in it.

This is 3rd Vaillant ECOMAX system / combination boiler we have had to replace this month due to them costing alot to repair, one of the Vaillant ECOMAX we had to replace was only serviced less than a week before we was called to fix it.
The home owner had got the other company from a leaflet thorough the door, this company/ plumber was NOT Gas Safe he had serviced the boiler, did not replace the G10 Seal and leaft the condensat trap off the heat exchanger.
When we was called to the boiler it had and F28 fault code.
An F28 usually indicates an ignition problem, which could be anything from an interrupted gas supply to a faulty ignition lead.
So when our engineer arrived reste the boiler and waited, he soon noticed some thing was very wrong with the boiler, he then removed the case to see that the plastic intake manifold had melted, along with the ignition leads, the hot multon plastic had damaged the wiring loom, so once again yet another boiler in the bin.

The sad thing about this is a seal kit (G10 kit) is about £25. But in this case the seals was missing and the boiler was beyound repair.

If you want you want your Vaillant boiler serviced please call us we will replace the burner seals when we service the boiler, a service on this type of boiler £85 plus the seals for £25 call us today to book your engineer 0208 387 0155