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Ideal Boiler NOT so Ideal?

Posted by matthew abbott on Tuesday, October 15, 2013 In : Boiler Stories 
Well Winter is now here since September we have been to 13 Ideal boilers from the ideal icos to Ideal isar and Ideal Logic, it has been a known thing that the ideal boilers have been a poor boiler for years.

The Ideal boilers have had a big problem with the PCB's and user displays failing but more seriously the heat exchangers leak on to the PCB blowing the boards, costing the customers a lot in parts if they chooses to repair the boiler.


The biggest problem  with the ideal boilers is th...

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Vaillant Ecomax Dangers

Posted by Matthew Abbott on Friday, June 21, 2013 In : Boiler Stories 

We had a call from one of our customers in Harpenden about there Vaillant ECOMAX 626 not working with an F25 fault code.
An F25 fault code usually indicates is low pressure, which could be anything from an leaking PRV, leaking radiator valve, to a system the was vented of air.
So I took a look at the system all seams fine 1.2 bar pressure no leaks, but the boiler fires up then kettles so off comes the main case going over the basic all seams fine only one thing blocked heat echanger.
After prici...
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